Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Who's Afraid of Democratic Socialism


Now that the political hunting season of 2020 has begun, I feel it is fair game for me to take potshots at it.

This hunting season is going to be brutal with a lot of bloodletting. And it will be of the utmost importance.

I hope to be not paying attention. Oh, I  am curious, even anxious about the results but I think it is going to be time for me to turn off my feeds from the Washington Post and The New York Times. Especially after those 30 people burned to death this morning.

Dang! That is downright grisly. I have started a few new blogs so I should be able to keep my mind busy with things other than politics.

I mentioned in a post on that I found a great resource. It is 'Cognoscenti' from WBUR in Boston. 

It has not disappointed. 

On August 29, 2018, there was a commentary "This is What the Voters Need to Know About Democratic Socialism."

I am going to be writing a major piece or pieces on Socialism so I don't want to distract you this early in the game.

I have been impressed with a writer for Boston University news website. He also writes for WBUR's Cognoscenti about once a week. His name is Mr. Rich Barlow. He has a good piece out on August 29, 2019. "The MAGA hat is not campaign swag. It is an emblem of hate.". Pretty straight forward guy, eh? 

A few of hs other current posts: "How Trump Supporters Justify His Actions: A Thought Experiment"; "To Stop Clergy Sexual Abuse, The Catholic Church should ordain Women"; "The Republicans Need a New Hero and His Name is Mr. Rogers".  A little more biting than I write but excellent pieces none the less. And with a Twist!

I have elected to start exploring in this very spot so we get the backstory on Bernie Sanders and what Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is proposing.

Democratic Socialism was a muted by undeniably driving force in the elections of 2016. I expect that full-blown socialism is going to take a stand in this election. At least I am going to push for it to take that position.

So let's jump in.

"Mr. Barlow seems correct in his assertion that Single-payer health care has become a religion for Democratics running in major states."

Some politicians are advocating Medicare for All (M4A).

We had better find out what we are talking about.

Right-wing shills scream Communism!

But since Denmark and other Scandinavian countries employ such a system we know that isn't true.

It also isn't true that Democratic Socialism is socialism.

True socialism is described in this column by the esteemed conservative columnist George F. Will:  He places the true engine of socialism as being the government owning and planning all activities in society.

Whew! That is not something the US has to fear now or at any time.

"In Scandanavia, seven out of every 10 workers labor for private enterprise." Indeed many, "including the libertarian Cato Institutes and progressive economist Paul Krugman declares Denmark, a market economy."

"The Nordics cluster at the top of league tables of everything from economic competitiveness to social health to happiness. They have avoided both southern Europe's economic sclerosis and America's extreme inequality."

This article was written in 2013 which allows that it had missed the growing mess of the world order in 2018. 

"Private multi-payer systems in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands yield top-notch universal care that's a bargain compared to ours. 

While it had its warts that could have been excised by thoughtful policy changes, the ACA or Obama care was a model of a multi-payer system. It has now been so bastardized by trump that we probably need to start over.

Written by: Craig Martineau 9/3/2019

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